Disappear – I have not.



Peeks out from beneath a heap of baby toys

Ahem. Been a while, huh?

I have not disappeared into a galaxy far, far away. Although, some days, I wish I had.

Very short story – I have zero time to sit down on the computer nowadays. Once I returned to work, my free time went somewhere. If you find it, will you please let me know?

I started a new job in February. This job has been a great opportunity for me, but, I work long hours.

This blog is almost a year old. I wish I could say I’ll carve out some time to write some fancy post. But, I know that probably won’t happen.

My, this post is very disconnected. Needless to say, I’ll leave you with this little gem.

My adorable, sweet Little Bear - Lyndon. Standing up with the assistance of the coffee table.

My adorable, sweet Little Bear – Lyndon. Standing up with the assistance of the coffee table.

Gotta go. Baby is fussing. Talk to you all soon (I hope)!

Baby Lyndon – 3 Months!


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Happy weekend! Fa la la! I wish I was like the Dowager Countess of Downton Abbey and that I didn’t know what a “weekend” was. (OBSESSED with that show!) But, alas, now that I’m back at work, weekends are blessed things.

I’ve had a very rough time adjusting since I’ve gone back to work. My mom (Gigi) is living with us now and is watching the baby during the day. I couldn’t be more grateful to her! But, I don’t think I ever grasped how precious time is until now. I’m hoping to post more about that soon as I have a small change coming in my future.

Here is my solid little boy at 3 months! I’m not sure of his weight but I’d guess it’s somewhere around 15 pounds?

Baby Lyndon at 3 monthsSo, let’s take a look back at the past month’s milestones:

  • Mama officially stopped pumping at the 9 week mark in preparation for going back to work – a little bittersweet. You’re strictly on formula now.
  • Your first solid poop – ouch!
  • You have visually discovered your hands and feet and you’re just fascinated!
  • We celebrated our first New Year’s Eve together – Mama, Daddy, and you all cuddled up on the couch together as we watched the ball drop on TV. Kisses for all!
  • You love to sit up ALL the time. You just need someone to balance you.
  • You’re still eating quite often. We’re feeding you a mix of 3 oz. and 4 oz. bottles now. You seem to be spitting up a lot more often so we’re trying not to push it.
  • You’re eating approximately 3 times a night – around midnight, 2-3, and 5-6. No “sleeping through the night” baby here!
  • Your longest sleep has been around 4 hours.
  • Mama went back to work on January 10th. She is having a very hard time being away from you but you love spending time with your Gigi.
  • You’ve started to say a mumbled “Mama” and also an adorable “Gee” for your Gigi. You’re very vocal! Though, I may just be hearing things…
  • You’ve started to pick up toys and hold them for a very short time. “How do these hands work?”
  • Everything goes in your mouth! You almost gag yourself with your fingers and you love to slobber all over your/our hands.
  • You’re very alert. You want to know what is going on all the time – especially when we’re out of the house.
  • We couldn’t live without your bouncer or swing!
  • When the weather’s nicer, you love going outside and sitting on the porch.
  • Whenever you’re somewhere new, you move your head from side to side in wonder. You’ve rubbed a bald spot on the back of your head!
Lyndon holding his toy.

Lyndon holding his toy.

Happy New Year Smiles

“Happy New Year” Smiles!

Chillaxin on the chair.

Chillaxin on the chair.

Lyndon wearing Aunt's booties/hat

My Aunt made these booties and the hat for Lyndon. Soo cute! But, I don’t think he’s too thrilled…

Mama feeding Lyndon

This boy LOVES to stretch out. Look how long he is!

Dreamy eyes.

Dreamy eyes.

Best wishes, y’all!

Valentine’s Day Felt Wreath


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Well, time has been flying by. Since my maternity leave came to an end, I went back to work last week. And, if I’m being honest, I’ve disliked every minute of it. So, I shan’t dwell on that and instead introduce this vibrant purple and pink Valentine’s Day wreath. Woo hoo – finally another craft! I believe it’s been months since I last shared one. So, check it out.Valentine's Day Wreath using yarn and feltRemember my DIY Christmas Poinsettia Felt Wreath? Well, I followed the exact same concept here but made different felt flowers. Check out that tutorial for more in-depth instructions.

Start off with a foam wreath form and some yarn of your choosing. I love the multi-colored yarn! Begin wrapping the yarn around and around and around.. until finished.

Valentine's Day Wreath using yarn and feltPick out various colors of felt and cut out the patterns to make your flowers. There are a ton of tutorials online on how to make felt flowers. So, check them out. Otherwise, the basic shapes below just roll up into very simple flowers. Don’t forget your hot glue!

Valentine's Day Wreath using yarn and felt - felt flowersOnce your foam wreath is wrapped with your yarn, hot glue your felt flowers onto your wreath.

Valentine's Day Wreath using yarn and feltAdd a simple bow for hanging and tah-dah! A festive and girly Valentine’s Day Wreath! Simple and very sweet. *Smiles*

Valentine's Day Wreath using yarn and feltBest wishes, y’all!

Baby Lyndon – 2 Months!


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Yes. I have been seriously AFK for weeks now. All I can say is that I enjoyed a very busy holiday season with my most precious gift of all time.

Lyndon had his 2 month checkup today. The pediatrician says Lyndon is “very healthy”. He weighs 13.75 lbs. and is 24.25 inches tall. Still growing like crazy! A lot of people seem to think he’s older than 2 months. I suppose he’s following in the path of his rather large parents.

He didn’t stay in that “newborn” stage for very long. He hated being swaddled from the get go and he’s huge compared to my friend’s little boy who’s only 4 days younger. Goodness, they really do grow up fast, huh?

Lyndon at 2 months2 Month Milestones:

  • Lyndon’s first Thanksgiving!
  • Lyndon took his first real bath and he loved it! He sat there calmly and didn’t cry once.
  • Lyndon loves for Mama to swish the ends of her hair gently across his face. He closes his eyes, opens his mouth, and coos!
  • Lyndon loves to “stand” up on your lap. He’s already so strong! If you hold him up underneath his arms, he’ll take steps all on his own.
  • Lyndon had his first cold. Stuffy nose!
  • First trip to Target.
  • First outing to a sit-down restaurant – Mexican (of course) and he slept the entire time.
  • First trip to the grocery store.
  • First “scoot” – Lyndon may have done this accidentally…
  • Lyndon has officially moved to size 1 diapers and is wearing mostly 3 month size clothes. More still, he’s even wearing some 6-9 month sized onesies. BIG BOY! He definitely lost his newborn look.
  • Mama gives you food to smell and you really seem to like oranges and cinnamon!
  • Lyndon is smiling all the time now. He is so sweet and especially loves for you to clap his hands together.
  • Lyndon celebrated his first Christmas. Santa brought him a “jumperoo” bouncer and he received some toys and clothes from everyone else.
Lyndon after his first bath

Lyndon after his first bath

Lyndon with his bear hat - doesn't quite fit yet

Lyndon with his bear hat – doesn’t quite fit yet

Lyndon's Christmas Jumperoo

Lyndon’s Christmas Jumperoo from Santa

I miss blogging very much so I hope that the new year brings lots of new posts and excitement to my little piece of the interwebs. *Wink*


Baby Lyndon – 1 month!


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Do I really have a 1 month old son already? I truly can’t wrap my head around that fact but, what a month it’s been! Forgive me while I gush…

I will spare y’all of every minute detail of the past month but I can’t help but share some highlights!

Upon discharge from the hospital, we were recommended to take Lyndon to the pediatrician the next day since his bilirubin levels were slightly elevated. Since our pediatrician didn’t accept new patients on Saturdays, we took Lyndon to an urgent care facility. We were reluctant to take him out of the house so soon. His bilirubin level was still elevated but nothing too serious. The doctor said that as long as Lyndon was eating and pooping normally that his slight jaundice should level out.

We went to Lyndon’s first pediatric appointment and he weighed 7 pounds, 15 ounces and measured 21 inches tall – already growing! Our pediatrician informed us that Lyndon is a bit tongue tied which means that the connective tissue (or frenulum) underneath his tongue would need to be clipped slightly. She said that his tongue issues were one reason he wasn’t able to latch on during breastfeeding and advised that we complete the procedure within the next 3 weeks or so. Lyndon’s jaundice was mostly back to normal. Everything else looked good!

This boy loves to have his arms free. He refuses to be swaddled.

This boy loves to have his arms free. He refuses to be swaddled.

Lyndon’s second pediatric appointment went well. He already gained a whole pound and was 8 lbs., 12 oz.!

We went to the ENT to see the specialist regarding Lyndon’s frenulum issues. Thankfully, the doctor said in his opinion that Lyndon’s frenulum doesn’t need to be clipped. Woo hoo! I’m glad that he won’t have to be in pain but that leaves us still unsure why he can’t breastfeed.

Sweet cuddles.. and yes, I REALLY need to dye my hair.

Sweet cuddles.. and yes, I REALLY need to dye my hair.

Lyndon had his first cold so we ended up going to his 1 month checkup a little early. Thankfully, Lyndon is A-OK. He just has a little stuffy nose which I think he caught from Mommy. Other than that, he is doing very well! He’s 23 inches tall and weighs 10 lbs., 15 oz. He’s already gained so much and is growing like a weed!

First Week Milestones:

  • First “movie” was Ace Ventura Pet Detective
  • First projectile poop and pees
  • First spit up all over Mom and Dad
  • First “tummy time” – Lyndon does quite well lying on his tummy. He already tries to hold his head up

Second Week Milestones:

  • First pee all over mom – when we were taking Lyndon’s naked newborn pictures, he decided to pee all over my jeans!
  • Nicknamed Mr. Poots – Lyndon farts all the time. We have no idea how he can hold so much gas!

Third Week Milestones:

  • First book read to him – “Five Silly Turkeys” in honor of the upcoming Thanksgiving
  • His umbilical cord stump finally fell off!
  • We went on his first walk around the neighborhood.
The hubs and I on Lyndon's first walk around the neighborhood. All those fall leaves have now fallen!

The hubs and I on Lyndon’s first walk around the neighborhood. All those fall leaves have now fallen!

Fourth Week Milestones:

  • First family function – we went to an Aunt’s house for an early Thanksgiving dinner. Lyndon did very well and fell asleep in the car both ways.
  • Lyndon is starting to hold his head up better each day.
  • Lyndon’s belly button looks to be fully healed.
Lyndon's First (early) Thanksgiving

Lyndon’s First (early) Thanksgiving

I can’t believe we’re already working on some 2 month milestones… but here he is all his 1 month glory!

Lyndon - 1 month*GUSH OVER*

Pin-Tastic Tuesday


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Yeah. I’ve been totally AFK for a couple weeks. Thanksgiving happened and then we battled a mild cold for a few days here. I hated seeing my little one with the sniffles but thankfully the pediatrician says he’s A-OK.

Now, that we’re officially in December and the countdown to Christmas is ever-looming, I want to showcase some great DIY gift ideas for today’s pins. Let’s go to it!

Remember my practical housewarming gift? Well, here’s a holiday spin on the idea from Better Homes and Gardens! I love the use of the ornament and cheerful ribbon to bring a more festive touch to the gift. Just use a plastic or glass jar and fill it with anything your heart desires to give. I love the idea of filling the jar with candies. Or, you could even place some craft supplies inside!

Decorated Treat Jar - Gift IdeaNow, a DIY gift idea for those grandparents! And, I don’t know of any grandparent who wouldn’t love this gift. Just take a piece of wood, paint a cute saying, and attach small clothespins to hold pictures of all the grand kids. Easy and pretty inexpensive!

Grandparents Gift IdeaAnd, for those neighbors or random people you’d like to give to? How about this quick and yummy jar of festive holiday candies? Just save glass jars throughout the year, remove the labels (and all that darn stickiness), add some candy (mmm, M&M’s!), and add your own fun label/tag. This is a great way to recycle, too!

Neighbor Gift Idea - Glass Candy JarsWhat about those guys that are hard to shop for? I’m loving this idea from How-Do-It’s site of using a mason jar filled with hot chocolate ingredients and a small container of Bailey’s attached – very seasonal and inexpensive. Hmm, there may be a theme here.

Man Gift Idea - Hot Chocolate and Bailey'sLastly, for those teachers who so deserve a thank you this time of the year, how about a simple treat bag filled with mints? I’m digging this idea from Serving Pink Lemonade’s blog.

Teacher Gift IdeaThe theme is obvious – cheap and simple. Hey, I don’t know how you moms do it! I have a 1 month old and I can’t even find the time to shower every day. Gross admission, I know.

Pin-Tastic Tuesday


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I feel so inspired to begin a zillion and one projects around my house but yet I find no motivation to start them as my daily schedule is nonexistent. I’m looking forward to this baby sleeping for longer stretches at a time!

First off, an eclectic and fun example of a stairway gallery wall. Shared on Rebecca Odell’s blog, I’m digging the multi-layered use of all the weathered frames and the uniform use of black and white photos. The gallery wall is cohesive but yet doesn’t have an exact “measured” look to it. Could my control-driven mind allow for picture frames to just be placed on a wall, if you will? To be honest, I seriously doubt it but I hope to hang some pictures on my naked stairway walls soon.

Stairway Gallery WallNext, a super cute idea to add a little bit of flair to your kitchen sink area! I love this inexpensive idea to use a cake stand to display your dish soaps, hand soaps, and/or lotions, etc. I’m not sure where this project originated from as the Pinterest link isn’t working, but I love the contrast of the vibrant lime green with the aqua blue glass dispensers. Maybe you could even alter my version of a dollar store serving tray to make something similar?

Cake Stand Soap HolderAnother cute project without a proper link to the originator is this smart use of a picture frame turned into a tray. (Seriously, what’s going on with all the faulty Pinterest links?) I could definitely see this type of tray sitting on top of a dresser and holding your daily jewelry or even small electronics. Is it bad that I want to give my iPhone a pretty resting spot? Well, who am I kidding, if my phone isn’t charging, it’s pretty much attached to my hand. Anyway, this picture frame turned into a tray is customizable! *Lurve*

Picture frame as trayAren’t these colorful poms poms just adorable? Shown on Ivey Handcrafted’s blog, these whimsical poms poms are cute enough to display on their own. Placed on sticks and then in recycled glass containers, these little arrangements would be a great centerpiece for a party or holiday celebration.

DIY Poms PomsLastly, are there any other Downton Abbey fans out there? Seriously, y’all, Downton Abbey is a fantastic show on PBS. While my mom is staying with us, I have introduced her to the show and thus I’ve been re-watching all the episodes. I love historical romance, period-type books, shows, movies, etc. and this show is a fine example of life around World War I. Plus, there’s lots of eye candy, too. *Wink*

Downton Abbey

Get to pinning, y’all!

Let the Light Shine Through!


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Another quick post today! It’s high time that I share some of the projects that I completed to finish Lyndon’s nursery. I mean, his nursery has been officially done for over a month now.

So, let’s rewind a bit. Remember when I shared my nursery fabrics? Well, I completed a very basic window treatment/panel using that fabulous ikat fabric.

I started by measuring and cutting my fabric. Using a 1/2 inch seam allowance, I pinned my fabric and ironed the seams.

Nursery Curtains/Window Treatment I then sewed all the seams to create the most basic panel ever created. Yes, that’s some horrid sewing, but it works!

Nursery Curtains/Window Treatment And, finally, just a small sneak peek at a panel in all its glory!

Nursery Curtains/Window Treatment I hope to post some more nursery projects soon. And, of course, the entire shebang as well! I really like how the room turned out. *Smiles*