Pregnancy Journey

My first husband Eric and I found out we were pregnant on Friday, February 10th, 2012. I was supposed to start my period around the 8th so by the morning of the 10th, I was more than antsy to go ahead and take a pregnancy test. A faint plus sign appeared and I think I sat there in disbelief for a minute before starting to doubt my own eyes. Of course, Eric was asleep, as he works later hours, so I woke him up and showed him the test, barely containing my excitement. Doubtful as well (and probably blind from sleep), he got up and took a better look at it under brighter lighting. The plus sign was definitely there… barely! Multiple positive tests later and we knew for sure. I can’t express my relief and overwhelming happiness in that moment. Being able to start a family is truly the sweetest gift!

We found out we were due October 16th – a fall baby! I love fall. Halloween, the smell of cinnamon, beautiful mums, and the brisk air in the mornings all help make for my favorite season.

Here is our 12 week ultrasound picture:

1st Trimester

Looking back at my first trimester, I can’t believe that I’m already this far! The thought of being pregnant and what that entails is slowly becoming a reality in my mind. I haven’t had too many symptoms, though I must admit, at times, I was hoping for more symptoms just to know that everything was going well down there. So far, I had very tender boobies, only rare and slight cases of queasiness (mostly while driving), and a very fair amount of gas (TMI?). I know looking back I will be glad that my first trimester was fairly asymptomatic. I’ve gone from worried to excited to all shades in between and can’t be more thankful that everything is going well.

2nd Trimester

Looking back on my second trimester, the first thing I’m struck with is – Where has all the time gone?  I’d be lying if I said I don’t feel the pressure of that ever-ticking countdown to motherhood. Perhaps I’d feel calmer if there wasn’t still so much left to do. Alas, I try to keep telling myself that everything will work out in the end.

I’ve accumulated pretty much all of my 14 pound gain during my second trimester. I must admit that gaining any weight back after losing so much, even if it’s for a good reason, has me fretting at times. But, I lost it once and I can do it again! Most of my symptoms during the second trimester have been totally fine. I am grateful that my pregnancy has been pretty easy so far. One of the more annoying/painful symptoms are the crazy leg/foot cramps (or Charlie horses) that attack in the middle of the night. Other than that, I’ve had a lot of dull lower back pain and occasional boob discomfort when bending over in the mornings.

One of the coolest things about my second trimester is feeling the increased movement of the baby and seeing my belly almost look like an ocean with all his rolling and jabbing around in there. I will say that it probably took until about Week 26 or so for my baby bump to truly be noticeable to others. I must admit I was self-conscious because I personally felt that I looked like I had a big gut and was even beginning to wonder if I ever would look pregnant. Thankfully, even though it may not be that big, I finally feel like my baby bump is on display.

Back to that ticking clock… the thought of finally being able to hold my baby in my arms is an overwhelming feeling – an unknown emotion that almost brings me to tears with its intensity. I wish I could describe that emotion. Maybe it’s a combination of relief, pure happiness, and perhaps a little fear? I feel like there’s so much I don’t know yet about parenting. Will I be a good mother? Will my baby be provided for? Will I know what to do/say when the time comes? I don’t have the answers for those questions but I do find relief in knowing that every parent had to start somewhere. And, I can’t wait to get to my somewhere!

Here is our 3D ultrasound picture taken at 29 weeks:

3rd Trimester

Phew – while months 7 and 8 were relatively alright, that last month was hard. My hormones kicked in with a bang. My mind was just all over the place. I felt so anxious about so many things. While my first two trimesters were relatively symptom-free and easy, the third trimester was quite a challenge at times. I know that most of my issues were due to my always overactive mind. I had difficulty sleeping regularly (which is so frustrating). The last week or two prior to birth, my left hip hurt when walking to the point I walked with a limp! I felt so done with everything and with each passing day over my due date, my frustration only grew. During my pregnancy, I peaked at a weight gain of 21 pounds. I lost a few pounds the last few weeks, however, and ended at a gain of 18 pounds.

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