So, I’ve been digging this Five on Friday blog trend lately. So, as my own blog continues to evolve, I’m excited to share with you my first (last?) Five on Friday!


Anyone else out there totally engrossed with the show Outlander? I’ve been fangirling hard.

OutlanderI’ve read the entire book series so far and I’m enthralled with it. The author Diana Gabaldon describes scenery beautifully. I highly recommend the books, but, at a minimum, go watch the show! Season one just ended on Starz.

Good Book MemeTWO

I’m already gearing up towards throwing Lyndon’s third birthday party. Yes, already! I may be corny, but I love a good party theme. The problem is though, this year I’m a bit stuck. I’m currently thinking of a “Monster Bash” since his birthday is right before Halloween. But, Lyndon has told me repeatedly he wants trains again. I mean really, kid – been there, done that!


I love Renaissance Festivals! Why can’t they occur all year and why don’t I work there? I think it’d be a perfect job for me. I already daydream about medieval knights and the stunning dresses. Hmm, things to consider… but, nevertheless, we had a fantastic family outing to the Georgia Renaissance Festival a few weeks ago for mother’s day.

IMG_4433I love that boy! It was a Scottish themed weekend at the festival, so what better time to break out Lyndon’s kilt he wore for Halloween! We all dressed up for the occasion and had a (HOT) good time. Lyndon even got onstage to dance with the bagpiper and drummers and, boy, can he move!


Potty training is pretty much complete! *Raises hands and sways back and forth*

Potty ChartThis picture was taken when we were still in the beginning stages, but, I took a regular white poster board and marked up some quick “train tracks”. Each time he went potty, he received a sticker in a space. Each colored space constituted a small prize (ie: popsicle, bounce house time). I know there are a lot of people out there that say you shouldn’t reward during potty training, but Lyndon loved putting and seeing more stickers on his chart. And, the small prizes were things we do normally – they were just extra special. =)

We just reached the end and I couldn’t be more proud! There were some crappy (literally) accidents to contend with, but I think we’re out of the woods for the most part. Lyndon earned his “big potty prize” and is now the proud owner of his first tricycle!


Paper plates. Some of y’all were in paper plate families and you know who you are. I had a number of friends whose families always used paper plates. I didn’t understand it, but, while my family doesn’t use paper plates for dining, we’ve found that there are so many crafty things you can do with paper plates! Lyndon (I mean, me) created this bear-y cute bear for Father’s Day from a little Pinspiration I found.

Father's Day Paper Plate BearHappy weekend!