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Hullo! Today is a wonderful holiday – MLK day. I’m thankful to have the day off work to celebrate freedom and equality for all. So far, we’ve had a great day over here – great weather, Monkey Joe’s (bounce house), and Chick-fil-A with some best friends. Lyndon and I couldn’t ask for anything better. So, to take advantage of being home today during nap time, I’m going to back it up quite a bit and share Lyndon’s 2 year old Halloween costume.

Hubby and I both have some Scottish heritage. I’m obsessed with the Outlander book series (*meow* Jaimie Fraser) and I always change the channel to Braveheart whenever it’s on TV. Nevertheless, there’s absolutely nothing cuter than a small toddler in a kilt.

We saw some really cute toddler kilts at a Scottish heritage festival we went to back in September, but they were crazy expensive and I couldn’t justify spending that much on something Lyndon will outgrow in a matter of months. So, putting all these factors together and with Halloween looming upon me, I decided to make Lyndon a kilt myself. As such, William Wallace (toddler version) was born.

Halloween Child DIY KiltThe plaid fabric I chose is from JoAnn’s. I’d love to have a kilt for both hubby and Lyndon in Hubby’s family tartan plaid. Alas, the Buchanan tartan plaid is not something you’d find at a traditional American fabric store. I bought 1 1/2 yards of the fabric and made simple pleats, pinning along the way.

Halloween Child DIY KiltThe sewing was simple enough for me – straight lines – until my sewing machine decided to call it quits. The sewing machine and I are frenemies. It’s a tumultuous relationship involving a lot of cursing. So, sewing machine doesn’t come around much.

Halloween Child DIY Kilt

I sewed a simple snap closure to to keep it closed and we were in business. With the remaining fabric, I wrapped it like a sash around Lyndon and kept it all together with one of Hubby’s old brown belts wrapped around multiple times. The finishing touches were some brown felt to cover his shoes and blue eyeshadow for the war paint. I was squeeing all night. The cuteness was too much.

Halloween Child DIY KiltBehold, toddler William Wallace is fierce!

Halloween Child DIY KiltReally, is there anything cuter than small chubby legs in a kilt?

Happy late (early?) Halloween!