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Happy New Year, y’all!

We’re having a rare wintry day here in Georgia, so I find myself at home today with Lyndon. You guys know Georgians absolutely freak out at any mention of cold weather, right? Well, we do. So much so we close schools when it’s cold. No snow or ice here – just cold.

So, while he’s napping, I just put together a quick and easy Valentine’s Day craft. I was inspired by a tutorial I found on the Jones Design Company blog. Lovely roses, no? Best thing about these guys – they never die/wilt. We all love the look of flowers in our home, but who can afford to buy fresh flowers all the time? Well, paper flowers are a great and inexpensive alternative.

Valentine's Day Paper Flowers tutorial

I highly recommend following the tutorial on the Jones Design Company blog, however, I started with various shades and patterns of purple (my favorite color) scrapbook weight paper. I cut 6″ or 8″ squares, rounded off the edges, and cut a swirly line towards the center as shown in the pictures.

Valentine's Day Paper Flowers tutorialValentine's Day Paper Flowers tutorialYou roll the paper from the outside tightly towards the inside until you have a rolled rosette. Voila! Lots of hot glue, floral stems, and paper leaves as described in the tutorial and you’ll have a beautiful and long-lasting flower arrangement.

I’m quite fond of my little blossoms. I arranged them here in a vase from Ikea on my buffet.

Valentine's Day Paper Flowers tutorialEasy enough to finish during nap time. Take care, y’all!