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Yes. I have been seriously AFK for weeks now. All I can say is that I enjoyed a very busy holiday season with my most precious gift of all time.

Lyndon had his 2 month checkup today. The pediatrician says Lyndon is “very healthy”. He weighs 13.75 lbs. and is 24.25 inches tall. Still growing like crazy! A lot of people seem to think he’s older than 2 months. I suppose he’s following in the path of his rather large parents.

He didn’t stay in that “newborn” stage for very long. He hated being swaddled from the get go and he’s huge compared to my friend’s little boy who’s only 4 days younger. Goodness, they really do grow up fast, huh?

Lyndon at 2 months2 Month Milestones:

  • Lyndon’s first Thanksgiving!
  • Lyndon took his first real bath and he loved it! He sat there calmly and didn’t cry once.
  • Lyndon loves for Mama to swish the ends of her hair gently across his face. He closes his eyes, opens his mouth, and coos!
  • Lyndon loves to “stand” up on your lap. He’s already so strong! If you hold him up underneath his arms, he’ll take steps all on his own.
  • Lyndon had his first cold. Stuffy nose!
  • First trip to Target.
  • First outing to a sit-down restaurant – Mexican (of course) and he slept the entire time.
  • First trip to the grocery store.
  • First “scoot” – Lyndon may have done this accidentally…
  • Lyndon has officially moved to size 1 diapers and is wearing mostly 3 month size clothes. More still, he’s even wearing some 6-9 month sized onesies. BIG BOY! He definitely lost his newborn look.
  • Mama gives you food to smell and you really seem to like oranges and cinnamon!
  • Lyndon is smiling all the time now. He is so sweet and especially loves for you to clap his hands together.
  • Lyndon celebrated his first Christmas. Santa brought him a “jumperoo” bouncer and he received some toys and clothes from everyone else.
Lyndon after his first bath

Lyndon after his first bath

Lyndon with his bear hat - doesn't quite fit yet

Lyndon with his bear hat – doesn’t quite fit yet

Lyndon's Christmas Jumperoo

Lyndon’s Christmas Jumperoo from Santa

I miss blogging very much so I hope that the new year brings lots of new posts and excitement to my little piece of the interwebs. *Wink*