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So, life has been strangely slow but yet fast at the same time. I’m definitely not used to staying home constantly but taking care of my newborn takes up the vast majority of my day. Life is beautifully different.

So, since we’re officially in November, I thought I’d dedicate this week’s Pin-tasticness to the cozy and filling holiday that is upon us – Thanksgiving!

First, a quick and gorgeously vibrant idea for a Thanksgiving/fall table centerpiece from Simply Stated. I love the use of a tiered tray to show off the various gourds, pumpkins, and flowers. (Check out my dollar-store tiered tray here!) The colors are ultra saturated with the traditional shades of fall and the tiered tray allows for each component to show from all angles.

Next, a dessert idea with one of my favorite fall flavors – pumpkin! If y’all haven’t tried pumpkin mousse or some derivation of the sort, you’re truly missing out. Pumpkin cheesecake is a staple at our house this time of the year. My husband is truly obsessed with the Sara Lee pumpkin cheesecakes and awaits their arrival in stores with bated breath. Even I will admit a deep love for pumpkin flavored desserts and I just love the idea of making a pumpkin parfait shared by Living Wright At Home! You can better portion how much you want while making a visually appealing treat at the same time. *YUM*

And, next, a quick and inexpensive idea to show our gratitude from Jeanne Winters. Using fake fall leaves, which are easily found at the dollar store, take a paint pen and write on the leaves what you’re thankful for. These leaves of gratitude are great to remind us what the holiday is for but also double as stunning table accents. Taking the idea a step further, you could then place the leaves on a rustic “tree” of fallen twigs/branches found from outside. Inexpensive and meaningful – score!

I’m truly inspired by this next craft. I will admit that I’m typically not a “gold” fan. I’ve found myself embracing the color as I’ve grown older but I still hesitate as I always think that gold accents would be impossible to match with my existing decor. However, the rustic copper color of the thumbtacks covering this pumpkin is too beautiful to resist! Shared by Madigan Made, you take a foam pumpkin and layer the pumpkin with gold thumbtacks. The result is bold and refined. Better yet, you can find all the supplies at the dollar store!

Lastly, an elegant Thanksgiving tablescape/table setting using shades of gold, orange, and cobalt blue. Call me nontraditional, but I love the use of the contrasting blue in the glassware. While we may not think of the deep blue color as a traditional shade of fall, the blue is complimentary and striking and I’m in love with this color palette. I don’t think I’d ever have a reason for such a formal table setting, but a girl can dream!

I can’t believe Thanksgiving is already so close but I can’t wait to visit with friends and family.. and eat lots and lots of food! I love the holiday season!