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Y’all, seriously. The due date countdown now mockingly says “Let’s hope I don’t go past this day! *Fingers crossed*”

*SIGH* Today is my due date. On the positive side, we still have quite a lot of day left so who knows what today holds! But, can I bless the internet gods for the time-killer that is Pinterest? This website has been a godsend by helping to keep me entertained/distracted.

My sweet tooth has been on overdrive lately. So, these adorable confections beckoned me and now all I want is a glass of milk and an apple pie pop! (Doesn’t pie pop just sound fun?) Shared on Every Last Detail’s blog, these pie pops were served at a gorgeous vintage chic wedding. Better yet, they are individually sized and are shown in various flavors. I’m thinking these would make for a great and new spin on desserts for Thanksgiving. That way, each person will have a flavor they like! I’ll take one of each please!

I’m in the middle of trying to complete my laundry room/pantry and I fell in love with this free laundry room “cheat sheet” printable from Rambling Renovator’s site. How cute would this be framed next to your washer and dryer? Hey, even your laundry room needs a little pizazz! Better yet, it’s practical, too! Though, who am I kidding.. I don’t really pay attention to these symbols on my clothes.

Next, a great idea as shown on Real Simple – a lovely vanity tray using an ornate vintage picture frame. Now, I am not a big fan of pink. But, I just love the Victorian touches with the old-fashioned mirror/brush and the perfume bottles. And, the delicate peonies just top-off this ultra feminine setting. Beautiful.

I’ve found myself drawn more and more to the color red over the years. But, red was something I used to shy away from – both with clothing and home decor – as I thought the color too hard to match. Thankfully, I’ve gotten over that thought and have introduced red into my life. I am smitten with these distressed red kitchen cabinets as showcased on The Lettered Cottage’s site. The classic red, dark hardware, architectural ceiling, and soft touches of aqua make for a stunning combination. I don’t think Hubby will ever let me paint our kitchen cabinets red but I do have hopes for finding an old buffet/china cabinet and working some red magic.

Lastly, because I know I’m about to again enter the world of my *coughmonthlyperiodcough*, I just have to share this hilarious zip pouch with the ever-true message of “Oh Bloody Hell”. How perfect is this as a gift for a girlfriend? Well, I guess there would have to be a certain closeness for this to be an appropriate gift… Needless to say, there isn’t anything sacred between my friends and I.

I would be totally fine if this were to be my last pre-baby post. (Understatement of the year.) Time will tell. I hope y’all are enjoying this beautiful fall weather!