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Another Tuesday? Yep, and still no sign of baby. *Huge, long sigh* But, let’s focus on Pinterest and all the awesome distractions it delivers!

So, my lawn and garden suffered terribly this season. With hubby not being very interested in yard work and me being all pregnant, a lot of the yard work was sadly neglected. Just keeping up with basic maintenance was a task. Therefore, I am pledging to do better next year. And, I definitely need to start with preventing all those pesky weeds! Who knew that you could lay newspaper down instead of using those expensive fabric weed blockers? Looks like I’ll need to start collecting some newspaper! Green and economical = double goodness thanks to Rosemary on the TV.

And, along those same lines, hubby has always coveted having a fire pit in our backyard. I must agree that the idea sounds lovely. Just imagining spending fall evenings by a crackling fire with some marshmallows sounds completely serene. Homeroad shows how they installed a fire pit and the result is simple and inspiring! I will definitely have to show hubby.

And, again, with pledges for the new year, I think this jar full of memories is a beautiful tradition to begin. You write down memories from throughout the year and then open all the memories on New Year’s Eve. This idea from Inchmark is truly a great way to celebrate the past year and remember all those little things we can so often forget. Let’s hope I remember to do this for 2013!

And, to be completely random, I’m just smitten with this lovely vintage “Farmer’s Market” sign from Castle and Cottage’s Etsy store. The sign just makes me want to go on a long drive into the country and stop at old antique stores and off-road produce stands.  I will say that I love living in suburban Atlanta. But, I covet those few-and-far-between drives into the country to visit an aunt of mine. Life just seems slower there and the breathing comes easier. And, I could definitely use some of that right now.

Lastly, I’ll end with a bit of cat humor because my cat has been a huge sweetheart lately. My big orange tabby, Sherbert, has been following me around and laying next to me purring his big head off. And, I can’t express how much I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve always loved spending time with him but I truly think he knows that I’m pregnant and emotional. Pets are amazing creatures that should be cherished. They give so much to us. But, we all know cats can be fickle creatures. And, this picture encompasses big ol’ Sherb perfectly.

Happy Tuesday, y’all! One long week left to go before my due date! Please send happy labor vibes my way.