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Ooo – spooky! October has finally arrived and while I normally love October and all its seasonal goodness, this October is going to be extra special. Now, I may have jumped the gun by a couple weeks by already decorating my house for Halloween. But, hey – you can never be sure when those babies will decide to make their appearance!

Halloween is definitely in my top 3 favorite holidays – maybe it’s all the candy or the chill in the air or even all the creative costumes. I could go on and on but, today, I’d like to share a bunch of Halloween-inspired pins for y’all!

Let’s kick it off with this festive floral arrangement/centerpiece from Better Homes and Garden’s website. Using matte black spray paint, spray paint varying size pumpkins all over. Then, using a knife, etch away the black to create designs in your choice. I love the traditional rustic orange and black colors and the use of inexpensive daisies. This trio of pumpkins almost looks like old Native American pottery. Maybe that’s just me, though…

Of course, we have to have something tasty representing Halloween. And, instead of the traditional mountains upon mountains of candy and baked confections, how about these stuffed jack-o-lantern bell peppers? These peppers look really festive and would be great for parties of any type. Better yet, these peppers are probably really tasty, too. The recipe from AskChef’s forum calls for a ground beef mixture as the filling, but I think you could personalize the filling to your desires!

Next, take a look at this simple and unique Halloween-inspired mantel. Featured on Amanda’s Parties To Go, from what I can tell, this mantel uses a black spray painted branch, some orange lights, and some black crows. The design of the mantel and the symmetry is not at all traditional, but that’s what makes this mantel unique and completely interesting. Plus, all of these materials are easily found and/or really inexpensive. I would definitely suggest looking at any dollar store around this time of the year for those black crows and orange lights.

Looking for a way to temporarily spread some Halloween cheer? Well, here’s another lovely design from Better Homes and Garden’s website. “Old platters and plates refreshed with decorative paper make the perfect gothic backdrop on a plain wall for Halloween.” Now, I’ve been wanting to collect and display some decorative plates in my dining room for quite some time. Perhaps I need to get my butt in high gear and get on that. I just love all the little vignettes and the subtle splashes of Halloween. More so, I really love how this idea is temporary and can be changed seasonally.

Lastly, what’s Halloween without some serious spookiness? Now, coming from a woman who easily freaks herself out with the occasional, “OMG, did you hear that?” or “I’m never sleeping with the light off ever again”, you may be surprised to know that I like watching all those supernatural/ghost shows on TV. Yes, sometimes I get freaked out, but more so, I love learning about and seeing old and oftentimes abandoned buildings. So, when I saw this lovely old and dilapidated staircase, I was intrigued. (Remember my desire for a Scarlett O’Hara staircase moment?) Needless to say, this old hotel would make for a great movie setting or even a scary place for an enchanted Halloween party…

I hope y’all are getting into the season and gearing up for Halloween. Time to start planning those costumes!