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Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m so glad to say that I feel much better than I did yesterday. Yesterday was full of cramps and the impending thought of labor being just around the corner. Thank goodness for Pinterest and all its awesome distractions!

It’s dinner time and y’all know I’m hungry so let’s start off with some delicious looking mini taco cups. I can’t help but profess my love for Mexican food again, but truly, I could eat Mexican all the time. These taco “cups” are made of wonton wrappers, filled with delicious meat and cheese, and baked in a muffin tin. Of course, these would be a hit at any party but I could also see kids loving these. *Hungry.*Next up, a place where I could probably get lost in a historical romance book and never want to leave. Found on the Lilly’s Lace blog, this bed and surrounding linens and accessories are just exquisitely feminine and vintage. I love the mix of textures and prints from the cracked paint to the large floral pattern on the pillow. Pure loveliness.

I think this next DIY project is really innovative. Have an old table laying around – dining table, end table, and/or coffee table? Well, over at Domestic Imperfection’s blog, you can see a fairly simple table transformed by using a stencil, paint, and some stain. I quite like how the stain emphasizes the stencil and gives the table top more visual interest. Great results!

Oh, how I wish I could have a Scarlett O’Hara moment and be whisked up a beautifully ornate and dramatic stairway. I’m a sucker for stunning entryways and have always been drawn to the more elaborate stairways. Pair dark wooden treads and white trim on a curving and substantial staircase and you have an idea of what my dream house would look like. So, I just love the perfection that is this staircase. Now, the paint color on the walls is not my style… but one day, I will have my Scarlett moment.

Lastly, because today is my adorable hubby’s birthday, I just have to share this copy-cat recipe of his favorite cake. He LOVES him some chocolate stampede cake from Longhorn Steakhouse. The cake really is decadent and all things chocolatey from its multiple layers of chocolate cake to chocolate mousse. Seriously, he brings this cake up all the time and insists he gets it for every birthday. Since we went to Longhorn this past Sunday, I hope he is satiated but seriously, y’all, don’t look up the nutritional facts for this cake. You would then know why I have to limit how often we go to Longhorn. Needless to say, Food Network has a similar recipe and perhaps one day I’ll have to recreate hubby’s beloved chocolate mousse cake. *Drools.*

I’m off to heat up some leftover pasta.. of course made by my hubs.