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Tuesday. And, what a beautiful Tuesday it’s been. The weather has been perfection and the crisp breeze in the air makes me happy. So, let’s get to it!

I’m so excited to share the stylishness and functionality that embodies this corner desk. Corners can pose as difficult elements to design around but the idea of a built-in never fails! Whether a corner bookcase, cabinet, or snazzy and colorful desk, a built-in is functional and can add tons of architectural interest to your home. I just love the pin-board and the shelves above for added storage. A built-in corner desk would be a great idea for a child/teenager’s room!

And, with that crisp breeze in the air, autumn and all its yummyness is closely approaching. Always a dessert staple ingredient in my mind, I love to eat cinnamon things all year round. One thing I love are snickerdoodle cookies. They’re soft and cinnamon-y and pair perfectly with a glass of milk. So, naturally, my mouth started salivating once I saw this recipe for snickerdoodle bread on Lil’ Luna’s site. The picture alone is almost good enough to eat.

After eating that, one may be inclined to take a nap, and I couldn’t help but be drawn by the design of this stunning bedroom found on Glance At Beauty’s site. The two twin beds with their soft and beautifully coordinated bedding ensembles just make me want to lay down and read a good book. I love the dark bed frames and the star-shaped light fixture. But, I especially love the pop of red in the pillows and lamp shade. Sometimes just the smallest amount of color can make a world’s difference!

So, I know it seems like birds have been everywhere in design lately but this sweet “Birds on a Wire” piece of art from Sweet Verbena is too good to pass up. I’ve been wanting to do something using book pages/text as a background and this project seems really simple! I love the two birds sitting together. This would make for a romantic and inexpensive gift for Valentine’s Day, an anniversary, or just because!

And, lastly, today is a day of remembrance for everyone we lost on 9-11, their families, and all our troops who fought and continue to fight for our country. Eleven years ago, I was sitting in my eleventh grade American history class watching the TV as the second tower was hit. I will say that we definitely learned how quickly American history can change in an instance. Let’s all remember, y’all, that we’re in this together. So, I dare you to look at this picture and not smile. So touching!

I hope the weather is just as beautiful for y’all! Happy pinning!