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Already Pin-Tastic Tuesday? I’ll take it! That just means 3 work days left. I’m still recovering from a long weekend of constant going at Dragon*Con but I’m excited about this week’s pins! *Smile*

I just have to start off this week with these yummylicious-looking individual seven layer dips. Y’all may know (from my not-so-subtle) hints that I crave Mexican food all the time. So, how could I stay away from this ingenious idea for serving seven layer dip in individual plastic cups? This idea is brilliant for parties for two reasons: 1) Your huge serving dish of dip won’t turn to a mixed pile of mush and 2) You deter those dreadful double dippers. But, let’s be honest, what are some shared germs between good friends? Especially when the dip is irresistible…

This next pin just makes me want to take in a deep breath and exhale slowly. The stunning quality of the picture alone is worth a second look. But, if you then see how the whole scene comes together, you just may be transplanted to a summer afternoon inside a rustic old farmhouse. I know that’s the feeling evoked inside me. The vintage floral patterned fabric against the old rustic door with the sunlight peppered through just makes me want to take a deep breath and walk through that door to take a stroll in a lush late summer garden.

How about a freebie? I came across this cute and customizable initial/monogram art while looking for nursery inspiration. Best of all? It’s free, cute, and can be customized to any colors you’d like! This very well may make it’s way into my own nursery but I think you could use this in any room. And, this could also make a great wedding gift inside a nice frame with the couple’s last name!

And, speaking of art, how about this inexpensive idea to use watercolors over printed paper or book pages? I just love how the transparency of the watercolor allows for the text to still show through. You could print or hand write your favorite poem, book excerpt, or quote on some paper, draw a picture, and fill it in with some beautiful and soft watercolors. I’m already thinking this idea would be awesome for holidays. *Love*

And, finally in the spirit of school being back in session, let’s talk about the magic of new school supplies. Did anyone else just love having new paper, markers, crayons, etc.? There was just something so inspirational from starting a new year with all fresh stuff. And, as a kid of the 1990s, there were a few years that just wouldn’t have been complete without having the ultra-colorful Lisa Frank school supplies. I distinctly remember writing a pen pal in Ohio on my oh-so-pretty Lisa Frank stationary. Please tell me y’all remember this fad too?

Y’all watch out for the geekiness that is coming later this week in the form of a recap of Dragon*Con 2012 with a slew o’ pictures. Three work days left!