Sometimes I really can’t believe that I’m this far along but nevertheless…

32 Weeks!

  • Total weight gain: 16 pounds which is weird. I feel confused because while I don’t want to gain weight, I do want the baby to grow as needed.
  • How big is the baby: Squash – just like at 30 weeks? I swear The Bump’s website is wonky.
  • Sex: A Little Bear Boy!
  • Maternity Clothes: I bought some lounging-type clothes for the hospital and post-delivery – 2 nursing tank tops and 2 pairs of some comfortable yoga-type pants.
  • Sleep: Can I have more of it please? While I generally sleep fine, I just always want more! I guess these 9 months do prepare you for afterwards…
  • Best moment of the past two weeks: Hmm, just getting the nursery closer to being finished.
  • Movement: Yes, he moves as I type right now!
  • Food Cravings: CARBS.
  • Baby Bump: I can definitely feel the tightening of my skin so I know something must be getting bigger.
  • What I miss: Eating deli meat. Call me paranoid!
  • What I am looking forward to: Dragon*Con is this weekend and Eric and I have been looking forward to this weekend all year as this will be our last big “event” before the baby comes.

Y’all ready for some sexiness? Do Christmas pajama pants do anything for you? Please understand that the very second I come home from work, I typically change from my work clothes right into my pajamas because they’re just so comfortable. (I totally failed taking a 32 week shot so here is my 33 week shot from last night.)

So yeah… that’s pretty embarrassing but at least there’s a bonus kitty to maybe distract you.

Like I mentioned above, the hubs and I will be at Dragon*Con this weekend so look forward to a geeky post full of awesome costumes perhaps some time next week! *Can’t wait*