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Today has turned out to be a rather rainy and dreary day. The weekly forecast calls for much of the same as Atlanta gets some of the rain from Hurricane Isaac. Nevertheless, we need that rain desperately so I won’t complain.. much. 😉

Let’s start of today’s Pin-Tastic pins with this cheerful and colorful gallery wall which features some bright and inexpensive frames with clothespins attached to the top. The clothespins are really quite ingenious as they allow you to change the displayed art easily. I would say this is a must-do for any momma with a little Picasso on her hands. Kid art is always so imaginative and fun and can be a great way to infuse some happy into your home!

And, sadly, summer is coming to an end but let’s all marvel at the lushness and vivid flora that is this landscape. This garden is manicured but yet at the same time seems organic through the use of the all the rocks and various shades of green. I don’t even want to think about what my own backyard looks like so I’ll just stare at this one and imagine laying on that beautiful grass with a glass of sweet tea. *Jealous*

Have y’all seen all those stunning statement necklaces that have been so trendy lately? I know I’ve read of a lot of people getting some great deals off Ebay but never rule out what a little DIY can do for ya! This necklace is inexpensive and  customizable with your choice of nail polish. Think of the possibilities – you could choose any color or even use a glitter polish! Better yet, though, is that this necklace would make a great gift for a girlfriend. Hmm…

Next, another inexpensive DIY idea – woo! This craft would be great for party decorations or even used hung up in a nursery. Choose a shape, cut out the shape on some scrapbook paper, and sew/string the pieces together to create a fun and festive bunting. Perhaps, we could clone “Little Bear” and use him for some bunting. Though, maybe that would be overkill? *Thinks*

We’ll finish with a really nice tutorial on how to make duct tape boots for any costume. I may have mentioned that I have some dorky obsession with cosplay and Halloween. If not, well, boots can really finish a costume and bring it to the next level. Not only are specialty “costume” boots incredibly expensive but they’re hardly practical unless you plan on dressing up as the same thing over and over. Halloween really is just around the corner, y’all!

Until next time!