So, we’ve had some slightly cooler weather this week (like in the 80s) and you can just feel the changing tide in the air signalling that fall is indeed right around the corner. Fall is my favorite season by a long shot and the most quintessential fall flower, to me, are chrysanthemums or mums. The garden centers all offer the most stunning colors and varieties in the fall – golden yellows, burnt oranges, and rich burgundies. I combined my love for mums with my love for felt and a new DIY craft was born!

Let’s get started! You’ll need:

  • Cardboard circle
  • Scissors
  • Hot glue
  • Felt in your choice of color(s)
  • Ribbon

Take a cardboard circle or cut out one in the diameter of your choice. I believe my circle was six or eight inches in diameter.

I painted my circle yellow to better blend in with my chosen color of felt. I then cut out different sizes of felt squares to form the mum petals.

The sizes of your squares should depend on the diameter of your circle. I cut out a bunch of 4″, 3″, 2″ and 1″ squares. (The 2″ squares are not pictured.) The exact number will vary depending on your specific piece but I just cut out more squares as I needed them.

Take your largest felt square and fold it in half. Mine was 4″.

Keeping the folded edge towards your left, cut the edges of your felt to mimic the below shape.

When you open the square, the shape should be similar to below.

Next, plug in your trusty glue gun! Fold your felt no longer square piece in on itself by bringing the lower edges to the center as shown below.

Taking your glue gun, glue only the bottom edges to each other. These will form the mum petals.

Once your have your largest felt petals glued together, glue them around the outside perimeter of your cardboard circle.

I did two staggered rows of my largest petals to better fill in the bottom.

I added a felt circle to the inside so that the inside didn’t start forming a cavity. The idea is to slowly begin building up staggered and smaller petal layers to give the mum flower a more dimensional effect.

I then added my 3″ inch petals.

Then, my 2″ inch petals.

And, finally my 1″ petals.

Leaving the “cavity” open this time, I then rolled up a long and skinny piece of felt. You’ll want the roll to still be slightly moveable so don’t roll the felt too tightly.

Glue this roll of felt into your cavity. Once the glue has completely set, take a small pair of sharp scissors and starting on the outside edge of your felt roll, snip small vertical indentations into the felt. Keep snipping small indentations all around the perimeter so that the felt roll begins looking like a bunch of small petals as shown below.

Then, all you have to do is attach a ribbon to the back of your new felt mum and you’ll be ready to hang it up!

This DIY mum felt flower is super inexpensive and has really added a touch of whimsy and anticipation for cooler weather and all things fall to the house. Happy weekend, y’all!