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So, I’m sitting here totally munching on a few dark chocolate M&M’s. I highly recommend if you’ve never tried them. And, guess what? My sewing machine and I became friends again! I really couldn’t be more excited and I can’t wait to show you the new nursery curtains that resulted from said friendship. Hopefully, the sewing machine and I have an understanding now as I have lots more sewing left to do. But, let’s get started with some pins of Pin-Tastic-ness.

How about this stunning industrial jewelry stand? I can’t say that I would ever classify my “style” as industrial but this piece is a show-stopper. From the varying metal patinas to to the glitz of the mirror and jewelry, I would love to have this jewelry stand on my dresser. Crazy how everyday, practical items such as metal pipes can be transformed into a rather refined and up-scale looking piece.

And, for no other reason than I’m hungry all the time and love Mexican food, I need to make this next recipe of “Skinny Sour Cream Enchiladas” ASAP. I stumbled upon Skinny Mom’s blog via this pin and I’m looking forward to doing some exploring. I mentioned that I’m not the best cook, but I really need to get some quick and easy recipes together for after the baby comes and going out for dinner isn’t quite so practical. This recipe will definitely make the recipe list and will hopefully taste as good as it looks!

As shown by the paint color in my kitchen, I ain’t afraid of no color! While I’m starting to appreciate a more neutral and softer multi-layered room, my heart always belongs to the colorful and the bold. So, when I saw these striking black and white striped curtains, my brain started buzzing. See, currently, my living room suffers from a bad case of ugly and dated stained molding and woodwork. And, while hubby likes the dark, library-esqe feel, I have a vision of painting all the trim ultra-white and framing our windows with striped curtains. Keep your fingers crossed for me that I’ll eventually be able to convince him…

What drew me to this next pin was probably the colors. I am a sucker for blue-greens of any shade. I love how you can use fabric scraps to create an inexpensive piece of wall art. Just wrap fabric around a cheap canvas, cardboard, or leftover piece of scrap wood! And, I especially love the staggered but yet structured layout.

Finally, after complaining twice last week about the horrendous Atlanta traffic, I saw this pin and laughed my you-know what off. But then, I thought, “You know, I should probably work on that whole road rage thing because I don’t want anyone seeing me make this face…” Seriously people, what type of dog is this?

Well, I hope things are going well for y’all. If not, maybe you’ll find a chuckle over on Pinterest!