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Come on, y’all! Let’s get to it! This week’s featured pins have me all kinds of excited. So, shall we?

I’ll be frank. The mixture of fabrics and colors on this first pin make me feel really happy… albeit super jealous that I don’t have such a lovely window bench in my home. From the contrast of the turquoise with the orange to the layering of stunning fabrics, this entire vignette is pure perfection in my eyes. My favorite thing, however, would have to be that quilt strewn across the bench seat. *Wishes she could sew such things*

And, though I couldn’t imagine having negative thoughts sitting on the above cheerful bench, do you ever have those overwhelming moments where every single thought is about something stupid or some regret from your past? Sometimes when that happens, I feel like an avalanche of negativity starts burying me and at times, it’s hard to get back up on my own two feet and get back to “normal”. But, alas, I always take comfort that I’m not perfect, that I have someone who loves me, and that I will choose the right thing going forward.

Phew. So, let’s lighten up a bit and all eat some candy! Haha, I think I’ve admitted to having a sweet tooth once or twice and I think I’ve also admitted to my collection of saved glass jars. What better than to combine the two? Use a recycled jar, dollar store candle holder, finial, glue, and spray paint to create a customizable and inexpensive candy jar! I would call this DIY project a must-do. Check out Creative Confetti’s blog for more awesomeness!

Are y’all sad that the Olympics are over? I must say that I really enjoyed watching the Olympics this year. Although, I’ll be glad that I won’t be as tempted to stay up late watching TV… Needless to say, those Olympians sure do have amazing bodies and those hot bods were definitely shown off in those skin-tight, skimpy outfits. One realization was clear, though. No further words are necessary.

And, let’s finish with a really smart and frugal way to print and frame gallery-sized pictures for your home. Who knew that you could print such big pictures at Staples for so cheap? I love that you can customize the size, shape, and color of the frame. I will definitely have to use this technique in the future as I hope to soon have some frame-worthy family shots. *Baby on the brain*

Bestie is on her way over to the house so I hope y’all have a spectacular, and perhaps Pin-Tastic, Tuesday!