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Whoa – where have I been? Well, we had some insane storms roll through last Wednesday and unfortunately, the Almighty Zeus decided to throw a lightning bolt at our cable line. We had a few casualties. Namely, our modem, router, cable box, and surround sound receiver. Hubby was not pleased but at least we didn’t lose more. So, needless to say, I was without internet for a few days and it was just awful. Thank goodness for smart phones.

You know what I realized though? When you don’t have internet OR cable, you sure do have a lot of idle time… And, I got to crafting!

Today, I’m going to share a piece I recently finished for the nursery – a whimsical bear silhouette using scrapbook paper. You know how I roll. I love me some inexpensive crafts! Better yet, this piece is 100% customizable. Here is this finished result. Read on for more information!

Now, this is corny but I always tease my husband and call him my “bear”. What can I say? He’s a big and cuddly guy. (I know y’all have pet names for your significant others, too!) And, so I’ve come to call our soon-to-be son, my little bear. Thus, I chose to use a bear for this piece.

Start off by searching for whatever figure you’d like to highlight and add “silhouette”. For example, I searched for “bear silhouette”. You need a picture with a solid outline of your figure and a blank background. Here is what I chose:

Figure out what size you’d like your piece to be. My frame has an 8 X 10 opening. Print out your silhouette and cut out your figure. You will use this cut-out to trace on your scrapbook paper. I chose to print on cardstock to give the cut-out a bit more weight.

Pick out some fun scrapbook paper and place your cut-out on the back of your paper in a reversed position. For instance, my bear is walking towards the right and I quite like that. If I were to trace him in that same right-walking position on my scrapbook paper, once I flipped it over, he’d be walking to the left. Of course, if you trace the figure on the front/pretty side of the scrapbook paper, you wouldn’t need to worry about that.

Line up your figure where you like on your scrapbook paper, trace, and cut-out.

This next step is totally optional but I glued my figure onto yellow cardstock and cut out a small outline around the figure to give some extra dimension.

Next, glue your figure onto your chosen background scrapbook paper. If you’re framing your piece, make sure your background paper is the proper size to fit into your frame.

I chose to add a bit more whimsy to my piece with some stick-on letters which can be found in the scrapbook aisle(s) of any craft store. But, choose what works best for you – the possibilities are endless!

Hmm, what should Little Bear say?

Once you’re done adding all your whimsy, frame your piece and/or hang it up!

I can’t wait to put everything together in the nursery and see my “Little Bear” displayed. Oh, and we finally received our super-comfy glider! Things are starting to come together. *Thankful*

I’m off to one of my best friend’s baby shower this afternoon. I hope to share a project I did for her later on this week!