Yesterday, I saw one of the most glorious sights of my entire life – my baby in 3D! We elected to do one of those 3D ultrasounds after finding out that they’re not quite as expensive as I had initially thought. Plus, we scored a deal by going through a local baby publication. The price was definitely right and we so wanted to see the little baby again.

I had been anticipating getting this ultrasound done for a couple weeks now. What would the baby look like? Would we be able to see if he resembles hubby or I? Is he still doing well in there?

Well, without further ado, here is his 3D debut!

We had a great experience doing this ultrasound! We elected to get this done as this wasn’t for any medical reason. The entire atmosphere of the place was just so much more comfortable than an obstetrician’s office. They had couches for your friends and family to sit and a huge LCD monitor which I loved. Not having to crane my neck to the side to see the small monitor attached to the machine was awesome! We came away with a DVD of the entire ultrasound and approximately 50 pictures. Here is another one of the baby caught sucking his thumb!

I’m so in love. I hope y’all enjoy your beautiful Sunday!