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Woo! Time to share this week’s Pin-Tastic pins and I find myself sitting here listening to The Phantom of the Opera soundtrack – definitely my favorite musical!

You know what’s been missing from my life? Modge podge. Seriously, I probably haven’t used the Modge in probably 6 years or more and I’m starting to ask myself why. So, when I saw this pin showing how to spice up boring lids with pretty paper and modge podge, I was sold! I’ve been saving glass jars the past couple months or so – pasta sauce jars, jelly/jam jars, etc. Maybe I can get all these glass jars off my desk and finally make some cute, recycled jars for storing various odds and ends. You can never have enough storage containers, right? Check out Design Sponge for more details.

Maybe you could display said pretty lidded jars on a bookshelf? Well, I find myself utterly drawn to the colors of this next pin’s bookshelf display. I looove teal and turquoise. My bedroom as a teenager was teal and my nursery (which is slowly coming along) is a dark teal. Don’t you just love the ultra-white against the soulful blue-green tones? Learning the art of displaying items on a bookshelf is definitely a skill – a skill I need some practice with. But in the meanwhile, I’ll just look at this pretty bookshelf for inspiration.

Speaking of being a teenager, one thing I was super into in middle school and high school was beads. I loved making jewelry of all kinds – so much so that I usually had a beaded necklace to match almost any outfit. Now, that was probably extreme but I will fully admit my fashion sense back then was pretty awful. Needless to say, this next pin totally reminded me of my beading days. I love the colorful simplicity of this necklace. The piece is casual and uses easy and cheap materials. Maybe I’ll have to pull out my small bin of beads…

Y’all want to know one thing I’m ashamed to admit? I have completely neglected in shaving my legs consistently this summer. Can I blame my laziness on being pregnant? I know there’s some of y’all out there who know where I’m coming from! So, isn’t it great that maxi dresses are so long? I mean, you get to wear a comfy, pretty dress but yet you don’t necessarily have to shave. Double win.

And, to close with something sweet and reminiscent of the upcoming season of Fall, I am so tempted to make these cute thumbprint cookies with pumpkin flavored Hershey Kisses. Y’all, I didn’t even know they made pumpkin Kisses. I will definitely have to try them. This pin shows a chai spice cookie recipe, but personally, I would be happier with a simple cinnamon cookie. I can almost smell them now. Mmm, pass the milk!

Ermahgerd, I’m hungry! (Sorry, I found that meme hilarious…) I should probably get my booty in the kitchen and start dinner. I’m pulling out the Shake N’ Bake tonight, y’all! *Admittedly not the best cook*