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The weekend’s almost over! Y’all time is just flying by, seriously. Today, hubby went to visit some family and friends. I chose to stay home as I needed a day to myself.

So, I chose to finally hang some picture ledges from IKEA in my kitchen! When I thought of what to display on the picture ledges, I totally had a light bulb moment. Now, I’ve been itching to add some whimsical flair to my kitchen ever since I saw these super cute “Yum” letters on Pinterest. Remember when I featured this picture on Pin-Tastic Tuesday?

Well, I found some unfinished wooden letters at a craft store. I chose letters with different sizes/styles to give my “Yum” some pizazz.

Knowing that I wanted to use a crackle medium to give the letters some extra interest, I chose to paint my letters with an orange base. The base color is what will show through all the “cracks” that the medium creates.

Once the orange was dry, I applied my crackle medium. If y’all aren’t familiar, crackle medium goes on completely clear. The medium is slightly thicker than normal acrylics but you apply it similarly.

Let the crackle medium sit for about 15-20 minutes until tacky. I would suggest keeping an eye on it because the timing can vary greatly. Once your crackle medium is tacky, apply your top color. I chose a cardinal red color.

See the orange peeking through the “cracks”? These letters aren’t completely dry yet but by using colors next to each other on the color wheel, the effect of the crackle medium is only slightly noticeable. If you use contrasting colors, the effect is much greater. That’s why I love me some crackle medium – the results are endless!

Getting back to hanging my IKEA picture ledges, here is a picture of a blank wall in my eat-in kitchen area. My kitchen is painted “Retro Avocado” by Behr.

Needs something, right? Well, I chose the Ribba picture ledges from IKEA. They come in 3 finishes and in two sizes. Initially, I picked up two of the longer picture ledges but then thought that I’d use one long and one short to add some contrast. (My leftover picture ledges will end up in the nursery).

No blasted Allen wrenches are required! So, hanging these ledges was really easy. All I had left was to accessorize!

Thank goodness my blank wall finally has some “yummy” interest! I really like how everything came together. I already had the table set and the picture on the opposing wall.

I hope y’all are enjoying these last few hours of the weekend! I’ll be sitting here stuffing my face and watching the Olympics. Yes… I know. I’m most excited to watch women’s gymnastics. I can still remember when the Olympics were right here in my home town of Atlanta in 1996! And, that makes me feel old.