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Consider me guilty. I have completely neglected my yard this summer and I’d be lying if I said that you couldn’t tell. Being pregnant does not lend itself well to too much yard work and so usually the most I can muster is pulling some weeds here and there. So needless to say, hubby has been left with all the yard work and after keeping up with cutting the grass, weed-eating, edging, etc., he doesn’t have much left in him to prune and beautify as it were.

Thankfully, I have some beautiful perennials which have given the yard a flash of vibrant color here and there. And, after taking these pictures, I was struck with how desperately I’d like a new camera and/or some photography lessons.

Check out some of my favorite splashes of color!

Anyone who knows me could probably tell you that purple is my favorite color. I can’t tell you how many purple tops I own. So, I love the fact that we have two huge butterfly bushes flanking our koi pond in the backyard. We have the “black knight” (doesn’t that just sound dreamy?) color which is a dark rich purple. If you look closely you can see our orange koi fish “Genghis Khan” who was named by my eccentric brother-in-law. I’ve never seen a plant attract so many butterflies!

Next to this butterfly bush, we have a fairly large grouping of lantana. Our plants have small blooms of pale pink and vibrant orange clusters and I love the contrast with the neighboring dark purple on the butterfly bush.

And, on down next to our fence/driveway, we have a huge crepe myrtle in desperate need of a good pruning. Alas, it’s not time for that yet but I’ve definitely been enjoying these pretty pink blooms.

I hope y’all are having a colorful summer, too! Whether it be at the beach or the mountains, summer brings such vibrancy to our lives.