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Y’all remember when I showed that beautiful peanut butter and chocolate Reese’s cake as part of my very first Pin-Tastic Tuesday? If not, here’s a reminder of said sweet morsel of goodness.

One of the reasons I pinned this cake, other than it’s sheer mouth-watering beauty, is that two of my best friends are peanut butter and chocolate fiends and I knew they’d get an even bigger kick out of the cake than me. So, shortly after I pinned this cake, I shared it with my friend Kelly on Facebook.

Remember when I gave Kelly her pre-housewarming gift on her moving day? Well, I’ve known Kelly since middle school and we also worked together at the bakery during college.

Now, y’all, she was so inspired she decided to recreate this cake for her housewarming party! Y’all can’t even imagine how anxious I was yesterday because I was desperately hoping I could snag a picture of her cake before it was cut and/or demolished. Mission accomplished! Here is her version of the peanut butter and chocolate Reese’s cake:

*Sighs* The cake was a beauty. Her cake had two tiers and each tier had three layers – a brownie layer sandwiched between two yellow cake layers. She then frosted the tiers with a peanut butter frosting which was simple vanilla frosting with peanut butter added in. Next, she poured a chocolate ganache over the top and let the chocolate ooze down the sides. For the clincher, she topped the cake with chopped up Reese’s and lined the sides of each tier with whole Reese’s cups.

Seriously, y’all, last night when I got home and changed into my pajamas, I discovered some brand spanking new stretch marks on my tummy. Coincidence? I think not! (But maybe it has a little to do with the baby inside me.)

Happy Sunday! I think Eric and I are going to go see The Dark Knight this afternoon – he’s soo excited. And, don’t forget The Bachelorette finale is on tonight! I can’t make up my mind who Emily should pick – Arie or Jef with one F?