I interrupt this week’s Christmas posts to share my most recent baby update.

Today, I had an earlier than anticipated appointment due to some discomfort I’ve been feeling in my left breast upon waking up and bending over slightly. The weird thing is that the discomfort is only in the morning (like during my morning routine) and doesn’t cause any dizziness and/or rapid heartbeat. I wasn’t sure if the pain was caused from my breast or from my heart so I called the doctor and they advised me to come in a week early. I must admit, y’all, I was nervous. I’ve had issues in the past with extreme anxiety and I could feel that familiar bubble of panic beginning to rise in my throat.

Thankfully, the doctor said that the feeling is from my breast growing and/or beginning to produce milk, etc. Who would’ve thought that I’d be thankful for that this time last year? Babies change things, for sure! I also took my glucose test. I drank the fruit punch Gatorade tasting drink (really wasn’t as bad as I was imagining). I passed – woo hoo! The baby’s heartbeat was strong and sounded like a galloping horse this time. *Relief*

26 Weeks!

  • Total weight gain: Whoa buddy – 13 pounds!
  • How big is the baby: The size of an eggplant – not my favorite food.
  • Sex: Es un niño!
  • Maternity Clothes: No new ones. I’m still on the hunt for some cute maxi dresses, though.
  • Sleep: I’ve been sleeping fine, I would say. I desperately miss being able to sleep on my stomach which is something I didn’t anticipate going into this.
  • Best moment of the past two weeks: My hubby Eric feeling the baby move and having him at our childbirth class. He has been very supportive and gives the best massages.
  • Movement: Sometimes I feel like he must be dancing. My stomach looks so weird from all the movement when he really gets moving.
  • Food Cravings: Chocolate chip cookies, mmm.
  • Baby Bump: I will say I have one and the vision makes me very excited.
  • What I miss: Being able to dye my hair. Seriously, all this gray hair needs to just go.
  • What I am looking forward to: Working on the baby’s nursery and some of the craft projects. Must make progress.

Doh – no 26 week shots but here I am at 25 weeks!

I return y’all to the week o’ Christmas posts. I think there just may be another Christmas craft coming up soon! *winks*