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Tuesday. Only Tuesday. This week is already going by slowly. We’ve had scattered thunderstorms all day and on top of feeling slightly “off”, I’m ready to curl up on the couch with a good book. Nothing like a little Christmas excitement to cheer ya up though! As mentioned yesterday, this week’s posts will all be inspired by Christmas in July. So, without further ado…

I think I’m due for a new Christmas tree skirt. Let’s just say my current one is made of felt and that a certain orange kitty likes to lay underneath the tree on said skirt. Cat fur is really hard to clean off felt. So, when I saw this DIY tree skirt with alternating red and burlap rows, I was smitten. I love the contrast of the deep red with the rustic texture of the burlap.

To add even more fun to your Christmas tree, you could add these awesome DIY customizable glass ornaments from A Yellow Bicycle’s blog. These could be used in any decor, really. Just choose colors that speak to you! And, these could easily double as a really cute and economical gift.

Speaking of economical gifts, check out this easy gift. Perfect for a girlfriend, niece, or cousin, these gift bags contain a bottle of fun nail polish and cozy socks. A cute little message and a festive bell help to complete a really cute gift idea. Did I say inexpensive and easy?

Y’all ready for a collective “awww!”? My heart had a Grinch moment when I saw these adorable newborns all swaddled and cuddly. The perfect present? I think so! I may be a bit biased since I’m expecting this October, though. I will definitely have to remember to dress the baby up as a cute little present!

And, lastly, let’s keep on that economical theme and check out this free Christmas art printable. Truly, the people who offer these free printables are just awesome. This piece incorporates some of the best things about Christmas with a whimsical design and fun colors. I also love this mantel with the festive bunting.

I’m off to cook some dinner. I must admit I now feel slightly lighter after all this Christmas thinking. Adíos!