Time for another Pin-Tastic Tuesday! But wait.. Tuesday? Isn’t it Wednesday? Oh, right. It is. I completely failed posting yesterday. With work as usual, a hospital tour (for the upcoming baby), then a subsequent dinner with friends, and my daily 30 minutes of walking, there was hardly any will left in me to stay up any longer. So, alas, here is a Wednesday edition of Pin-Tastic Tuesday.

Let’s start off with a daily dose of kitteh. As you can probably tell, I do favor those furry felines. Especially big orange tabbies *cough* who may have a desire to bite here and there.  (As if there aren’t enough cat memes online.)

Next, a great and fairly inexpensive idea to overhaul your stairs. I myself have the dreaded carpeted stairs and they are impossible to keep clean. I’ve always fantasized about having gleaming dark wooden stairs. Who knew that instead of installing new hardwood treads that perhaps some paint can do the trick?

Oh, wreaths. I really love wreaths. They’re so versatile and if you show me one with felt, I may not be able to resist myself. (Click here for a Christmas Poinsettia Felt Wreath I completed!) I love the contrasting colors here and the scalloped edge. A zig-zag edge would also be really fun.

Mmm, pizza. Have I mentioned I’ve been craving pizza? I’ve always loved pizza whereas my hubby Eric.. let’s just say he doesn’t have the same passion I do. If I could eat pizza and Mexican food every day, I truly think I’d be okay. One might say, “But you just ate pizza the other day?” And, I’d say, “Well, that pizza was homemade whereas tonight, I want Papa Johns.” There is a difference. For instance, try these pizza roll ups which would be great for parties!

Now after eating all that pizza, one may not feel like donning some lingerie of all things. I am a firm believer, however, that as long as you’re healthy and happy, you should celebrate your body – curves and all. Being a curvy lady myself, I know sometimes it can be difficult to find tasteful and sexy plus-size lingerie. I fully recommend the company Hips and Curves. They have beautiful models and a wide array of merchandise such as these ruffly garter panties. I used a few of their products for my own “pin-up” inspired photo shoot back in January. Stick that booty out, girl!

I hope y’all are having a Pin-Tastic Tuesday.. er, Wednesday! Besides tons of DIY and craft projects (which are my favorite things to browse), Pinterest has such a wide selection of subjects to pull inspiration from. Check it out!