Sooo, hey y’all! Thank goodness tomorrow is a holiday! I am one pooped lady and I find myself totally relaxing to the smooth Michael Bublé’s “You and I”. I love that song.

Michael Bublé’s “You and I”

I love the 4th of July – the hot summer sun, the smell of hot dogs and hamburgers, and the sound of fireworks always make for quite a magical day. This will be our second 4th at our house and I must admit that one day, I’d like to add some patriotic flair. Check this house out with all the festive bunting.

And, of course, you’ll probably need yourself a pair of sunglasses to protect your precious eyes from all that sun… haha.

Next, I’m completely inspired by this table and whimsical “yum” wall art. I love the white-washed farm table paired with all the different wood tones and metal accents. Perhaps a “yum” may make it to my kitchen walls here soon.. hmm.

So, I utterly ❤ this. This mason jar candle holder wrapped with an antiqued/torn page from a book is just stunning. I can literally imagine the smell of a burning candle and the soft flicker of light now. This would also be a great idea for Halloween if you were to use an Edgar Allan Poe poem and/or a black candle.

Lastly, I know a lot of you out there have read or are reading the Fifty Shades series. (Check out my book review here.) I truly laughed out loud when I saw this. After all, Beauty and the Beast is the best Disney movie ever. No discussion… *wink*

Best wishes for a festive 4th of July in your neck of the woods! We finished all the painting in the nursery this past weekend so perhaps a peek is coming up soon!