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Phew! This heat is going to make me require some smelling salts if the weather continues on this way. I already feel like it’s been summer forever, but it’s only just begun. We’ve had highs in the low 90s and with little to no rain, my poor plants have begun to do the “shrivel”. (Now, if only that were some cool dance or something.)

Alas, a southern summer is one of a kind. From the humid and sticky days to the mild and lightning bug filled nights, summer here in Georgia is a wonder to experience.

One of the features I like most about my house is my covered front porch. Honestly, some days, it’s just too hot to sit outside, but one of Eric and I’s favorite things to do in the summer is just sitting on the porch during a rain storm. The smell of rain, the sound of thunder, and the company of my hubby make for some of the best, most relaxing moments.

Viewed from my front porch, here is one of the hanging baskets we have. (Ignore the numerous bare spots in the lawn.) Marigolds have been a long time favorite of mine – cheap, easy to maintain, and a gorgeous summery golden yellow.

Ah, *sniffs the air*, gardenias. My long-time favorite floral scent, gardenias are pure summer to me. These bushes can bloom off and on for most of summer and I’m lucky enough to have one in my back yard. Here, I snipped off a few stems and placed them in a simple glass. Every time I walked past this small arrangement, the smell was just euphoric.

I’ll be back tomorrow with my second Pin-Tastic Tuesday and perhaps a sneak peek at my nursery fabric later on this week!