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Today, I get to celebrate my husband’s first “pre-Father’s Day”. Since we’re parents-to-be, I didn’t want to let today go unacknowledged. My hubby, Eric, is quite the geek.  He is an uber computer-wiz and video-game playing nerd. Actually, we’re both quite geeky. I am a huge fan of the of Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the Game of Thrones books/show. We also attend a convention of all things geeky called Dragon*Con every Labor Day weekend. I even dressed up for the Masquerade Ball! Eric’s not a fan of cosplay but we look forward to Dragon*Con every year.

This is not the best pic, but the costume was mostly purchased with a few details added by me.

And, I hesitate to admit this, but I was even sucked into that game.. Yes, that game called World of Warcraft. Both hubby and I played upwards of four years. FOUR years. Really, y’all, that game is the best (or worst) kind of computer crack I’ve ever come across. I still have withdrawals…

Anyway, when it came to deciding how to celebrate pre-Father’s Day for my hubby, I went to one of his favorite gadget websites called ThinkGeek. I found a few items I just couldn’t pass up!

First, a perfect t-shirt for my hubby – Binary Dad. Binary is a computer programming language that makes absolutely zero sense to me but seeing as since we already have a blanket that spells out blanket in binary, I knew he’d enjoy this t-shirt that says “Dad”.

And, of course, I couldn’t resist the little itty-bitty t-shirt for our future geek-to-be – Binary Kid. Y’all, I may melt from cuteness seeing our baby boy wear his binary “Kid” shirt along with his Daddy’s “Dad” shirt.

*Squee* I’m excited!