It’s Sunday, funday! And, I’m going to share a past DIY idea that I completed this past Christmas – a DIY Message Center.

So, Eric and I are not always swamped with things going on, but sometimes life can get hectic. I thought a place to organize a lot of those comings and goings could not only be functional but purty, too!

Thanks to my love, Pinterest, I found out you can use dry-erase markers on glass AND cover a magnetic board with fabric to customize your very own message center and thus, my kitchen held the perfect spot!

Starting with the dry-erase frame, I picked up a frame from Hobby Lobby (possibly the best store ever). My frame isn’t fancy but you can use any frame of your choosing – just make sure you buy a frame with glass. Taking into account the measurement of your frame, choose a fabric large enough to cover the inside insert which is usually a piece of cardboard/particle board/etc. I recommend ironing your fabric prior to attaching it to your insert. I totally skipped that step, and while you can get the fabric rather taught without ironing, I can still see some small wrinkles here and there.

Now, it’s time to attach some fabric! You can use a variety of products to adhere the fabric to the insert. I used hot glue and it worked quite well. BUT, hot glue dries quickly and if you have a fancy patterned fabric that you may need to tweak to get the design lined up just right, you may want to use a different product or just work slowly in small sections. I chose the later and applied a small section of glue on the insert at the “twelve o’clock” section of the frame. Pulling the fabric taught but also checking that your fabric is lined up how you want it, place your fabric on the twelve o’clock section. I believe I hot glued the entire top first, then the bottom, and lastly the sides but use whatever works best for your fabric. Maybe a twelve, six, three, and nine clock pattern?

Once the glue is dry, place your insert back in your frame and gee golly, a custom dry-erase frame!

Next, I moved on to the magnetic board. I bought a magnetic board from Target in the school supplies/office section. I believe this is the one I purchased:

Following much the same protocol, I measured the magnetic board and chose a fabric large enough to cover it. The fabric I chose is a cotton, quilter’s fabric. I’m not sure how a thicker, upholstery-type fabric would affect the “magnetic-ness” of the board. So, I would definitely recommend a lighter/thinner fabric.

Again, I adhered the fabric using hot glue making sure to keep my pattern as lined up as possible. I definitely pulled the sides of my fabric (stripes) too taught so just take your time. Then, purchase, or better yet, craft some fun magnets!

So, there is my DIY Message Center! Recently, we’ve used it a lot to track our pregnancy in weeks and keep up with the barrage of appointments.

Ugh, when will I “pop” and not just look fatter than usual? Alas, best wishes for a Sunday, funday in your home! Adios for now!