Happy Memorial Day to each and every one of y’all out there! I hope that today is a day to remember how much our military and their families, past and future, have sacrificed for this country. Thank you!

I must admit that I’m so glad to be off work today. This 3-day weekend was much needed and was a mix of fun in the sun and complete lounging. As mentioned before, I went to the Stone Mountain Laser Show on Saturday.

We had a picnic on the lawn beforehand and seeing all the families with their children definitely made me smile. Truly, I cannot wait to meet my little one!

Sunday we slept in and then went to Bob & Connie’s lake house on Lake Lanier for a late lunch while we watched all the little ones swim.

And, last but not least, today I spent some time shopping. Of course, I hit up my favorite spots. I majorly scored on these two huge green-tinted glass vases on clearance from Hobby Lobby.

Next, these “mercury” glass lantern-esqe pieces from TJ Maxx.

And lastly, a mirror from Target for my dining room.

I’m thrilled with my finds from today (as well as a few other things that may make their way into future posts)! Perhaps I’ll do a house tour soon. We’ve almost lived in our first house for a year but most rooms still have a looong way left to go.

I hope your Memorial Day weekend was just what you needed, too! Until next time!