Saturday – finally! And, a 3-day weekend no less. Woohoo! Today, I thought I would share another craft inspired by Pinterest… and, best of all this craft is cheap. Really cheap, y’all.

When it came near the holidays last year, I realized that I have a definite lack of servicing pieces and I’d been wanting a tiered tray to serve little cookies and the like. Well, Pinterest really never fails and I found a (did I say cheap?) charming tiered tray that I just had to try myself.

I was smitten so I gathered my supplies:

  • Dollar store burner covers – Dollar Tree
  • Finial(s) – Hobby Lobby
  • Candlestick – Hobby Lobby
  • Glue – Already had
  • Paint – Already had

Deviating somewhat from my inspiration piece, I started by choosing the rough configuration of the pieces.

Next, I primed the wooden finial and candlestick with a coat of white paint and adhered the pieces to the burner covers with a strong glue (Gorilla glue works) and let the pieces dry.

Allowing the glue to dry first will give you much more stability when you adhere the top to the bottom tray. Once you allow that layer to dry, paint/design how you see fit. Remember, if you will be using the tiered tray for food, you will want to take that into consideration when you choose any paint(s) or decorative accents.

And, that’s about it! I must say that I’m thinking of adding some color and/or some patterned paper to jazz up the whiteness of the piece but for now, this is easy to clean and is generic enough to work for any occasion.

Happy weekend, y’all! Hope you enjoy it with friends and family. Eric and I are going to Stone Mountain tonight to see the Laser Show with my friend Kelly and her current beau. A picnic of fried chicken, biscuits, and some pink lemonade is to be had. And, yes, I am totally giving into my pregnancy cravings. *Salute to the troops!*