Howdy y’all! It’s thundering something fierce right now so what better time to share my Spring Monogram Wreath!

Firstly, I am addicted to Pinterest. (Username is Concessa.) Here is the wreath that served as my inspiration.

And, here is my wreath!

Keeping along the same lines, I bought a similar wreath, wooden “L” for my initial, lots of colorful felt, and fun buttons. I chose to use felt flowers since I already have some experience using felt.

I should probably get better at taking progress pictures but firstly I painted the wooden “L” with an orange acrylic base color. I then applied a crackle medium over the orange and allowed the crackle medium to dry until it felt slightly tacky to the touch. At that point, I applied a coat of a lime green acrylic paint color and let the crackle medium do it’s magic. Voila! As the cracks start to form… never fails to mesmerize me. I highly recommend crackle medium. It’s easy to use and can give anything instant character.

With that complete, I started work on the felt flowers. I went through the kitchen cupboards and found different round shapes to use – a large and a medium size. I then traced the shapes onto the felt and cut out the circles.

Each flower requires 6 circles. If you want a smaller flower, cut out 6 smaller circles of the same size and likewise for a larger flower. These 6 circles become the petals of your flower. Unfortunately, I didn’t take a picture of how to fold each circle to look like the petals I made, but you essentially fold the circle in half and then fold one half of the half towards you and one half towards the back. That makes no sense! BUT, hopefully you just know what I mean? Haha, needless to say, you pull out your trusty hot glue gun and proceed to burn your precious fingers as you assemble your petals. You should have 6 petals of the same size once complete. Then, cut another circle of felt and glue the pointed ends of each petal on the center of the circle placing a button of your choice in the center where all the pointed ends meet up. The buttons helps personalize your “flowers” and also help to give the flower a more finished look. Rince and repeat until you have as many flowers as your heart desires! The flowers are really the most time-consuming part, but felt is really easy and fun to work with!

Next, time to put it all together! Make sure you have lots and lots of hot glue on hand and start playing around with your layout. Figure out how you want to design the wreath. Making sure you use plenty of hot glue, glue down your flowers, initial(s), and/or various embellishments (I chose a butterfly from JoAnn’s). Make sure everything is secure. Remember more glue can help but only if you’re careful and don’t have big globs of hot glue showing. Hot glue can sometimes be easy to “pick” off but sometimes, it’s impossible – just depends on the surface the glue is on.

Yeah, that’s about it. I just love Pinterest! All the inspiration is just… awesome! And, that’s partly why I decided to create my own blog. Soo, I hope my first craft post wasn’t too confusing. At least, I hope to get better at taking pictures/explaining along the way. CHEERS!